What is Kezmo?

Kezmo is an adaptable communication solution, built to fit the needs of your organization.

Start working right away with the open-source version or create a specific solution to be used on premises under your current security environment.

Integrate chatbots, create workflows, and manage content all in one place.

Expect more than your average chat

Define topics for your conversations, make decisions using polls and automate messages to simplify your work.

Shared links, documents and images are automatically cataloged for you to easy access.

Join the bot era by including virtual agents in your daily interactions.

Grab Kezmo's Open Source project now on SourceForge.

Take productivity to the next level

Kezmo adapts to the way you work. Use the built-in content and task manager or unleash the full potential by creating custom solutions.

Define workflows to automatically create tasks, send notifications and follow processes.

Manage different types of content by organizing information the way that fits best for your company.

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