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To organise tasks has never been easier! Now you can manage teams and projects with much more flexibility

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Situations that come up when you manage teams:

I share a space on Kezmo with my team, and some people in my team decide to take responsibility for one task. They could be completing it together, or perhaps one person is supervising the rest. The only management step that’s missing is to create the task, but to whom will it be assigned if it’s meant to be done in a group?

I want several people to perform a certain task. It’s not supposed to be done in a team, but it has to be completed many times individually by different people. How can I avoid writing the same task many times?

There’s a simple answer to these situations, and Kezmo’s found the solution!

We introduce the ability of assigning the same task to multiple people, facilitating the option of completing a task in a group without duplicating it.

Next time you create a task within a space, you’ll be able to assign it to multiple members of that space. Simply click on their names when you select “Assigned to”.

Have you ever faced a task so big you didn’t even know where to start?

It has surely happened to us more than once. Sometimes, the scale of an idea, project or task can be so daunting that we feel how it paralizes our thinking: we don’t know what to focus on first, or what can be left to do later on. It works as a self-fulfilled prophecy; in the attempt to not lose track of our final goal, we lose vision on how to accomplish it.

Breaking a big task in smaller sub-tasks or steps is a useful tool to avoid that overwhelming feeling. Now, you can do precisely that with Kezmo!

We introduce the option of adding a checklist to tasks and notes so you can cross out what’s already been done.

For example, you can have as a task something like “Brainstorm for new Portuguese campaign”.

It’s probably going to be easier to accomplish if you divide it by steps like “look for references”, “do a group meeting to brainstorm”, “draft a first concept”, “edit it”, etc.

You can have as an objective to complete one step every day, and as that happens you’ll have a visual representation of how that big, daunting task is being completed.

Another example, in notes, could be a shopping list for an event.


If you still haven’t tried our chat to manage teams and projects, register for free, and invite every member of your organisation to participate!

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