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Meet the features that makes Kezmo a great communication and management platform.

The cloud version has everything to get you started. Go beyond and create the solution your company needs with the enterprise edition.

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Work spaces

Create work spaces to help you manage different topics, projects, clients, or ideas.


Use the calendar view to keep track of deadlines.

Content Lists

Shared content is automatically organized. Use folders and create new lists for easy access.


Tackle big tasks by dividing them with checklists that you can tick-off as you complete.

My favorites

Connect your most important work spaces and people on a handy visual map.


Use the Kanban view to boost task management, keep track of your personal work on your dashboard.



Enhanced chat

Make the most out of your chats by using simple commands to create content directly.

Files & images

Upload files and images directly on content lists or straight from the chat.


Write meeting summaries, draft articles, and share information using notes.


Use the search engine to easily find what you’re looking for, like messages, documents and tasks.


Create polls to make collaborative decisions about your next campaign, or what to eat for lunch!


Use channels to separate discussions, allowing you to focus without cluttering a single conversation.




Grant different levels of permissions, from read-only access to full control.


Use Kezmo in English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Catalan.


Schedule your tasks on Google Calendar and more, using custom integrations by going Enterprise.

Assignments & priority

Assign tasks to members, adding priority levels to know where to focus first.

Message status

Know when your messages are sent, delivered, and read by the rest of your team.

Keep up to date

Be notified only when important things happen, not when everything happens.

For the



Brand Kezmo with colors and icons to match your company or your clients’.


Create workflows to follow protocols or trigger actions automatically to save you time and effort.

Bots & Assistants

Let Chatbots and Virtual Assistants be part of conversations and manage tasks for you.

Feature management

Manage existing features or create new ones tailored for you with Kezmo Enterprise.

Custom authentication

Use your current authentication system to login on Kezmo.

User profiles

Use profiles to target different people with specific content and features.

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